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Information about the poster:

Author and director: Әlibek Өmirbekuly.
Co-star of the stage version and translation: Miras Әbil.
The cast of the performance: E.Nurymbet, K.Kystykbai, N.Өteuil, A.Bermukhambetova, J.Ospanov, I.Әbenova, A.Oryntay, Z.Әbenov, B.Kalila, B.Sultangazy, S.Anvarova, A.Әbenova, B.Shalkar, K.Sadykov, B.Orman.
Short Abstract:
This mosquito flies straight buzzing,
Yellow, with long legs.
Not fickle with its nature
But still the black mosquito, the red mosquito
Flying circling over the sleeping man
Before it strikes and its wings break.
He’ll wake up for a little while
If the mosquito’s buzzing non-stop.

The premiere took place on March 2,3, 2022

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Other poster information:

Laili-Majnun 15.02.2024
Sen magan kereksin 17.02.2024
Seken Sunkar 01.02.2024