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Filmmaker-stage director: U.Karypbaev

Main roles: T. Atyimtaeva, G. Kylyshbay, B. Isabekova, K. Nurlanov, M. Omar, K. Kozhakhmetova, A. Aimagambet, M. Kaisanov, Z. Karina, B. Zhumagulova, B.Maksutova, A.Mamyr, E.Aitmukash, B.Kalila, A.Oryntai, D.Egubaeva, S.Anvarova, M.Namenov, B.Shalkar, K.Sadykov.
Short Abstract: Where does love hide on the slope of years? What values are at the top of the list in old age? Answers to these philosophical questions the audience was looking for together with the artists of the State Academic Kazakh Musical Drama Theater named after K. Kuanyshbaev at the premiere show of the play in the genre of tragicomedy “Sen Maghan Kereksin”.

Premiere took place on December 25-26, 2021

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Laili-Majnun 15.02.2024
Sen magan kereksin 17.02.2024
Seken Sunkar 01.02.2024