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“ӘZ NAURYZ KELGENDE…” festive concert of folk instruments ensemble

In honor of Nauryz meiramy on March 22, the ensemble of folk instruments of the State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama Theater named after Kalibek Kuanyshbaev presents a festive concert “ӘZ NAURYZ KELGENDE…”. Beginning at 19.00.
Folk songs and cues – a chronicle of Kazakh history. Ensemble of folk instruments of the theater Қalleki is one of the collectives promoting spiritual wealth and filling with melodic works.
The concert will feature traditional music of the Kazakh people, Kazakh folk melodies and songs, as well as new works from the ensemble members’ own hearts. The conductor is “Madeniyet salasynyң үzdіgі” Maralzhan Myrzakulova.
The ensemble consists of versatile performers who know Kazakh national instruments such as dombra, sybyzgy, daulpaz, shankobyz, shynkildek, saz syrnay, zhetygen, kyl kobyz and others.
The repertoire of the ensemble of folk instruments goes back to ancient Kazakh kyuys and is rich in works of modern authors.

Members of the ensemble: Zhienalin Dastan, Khamzin Daniyar, Kairbek Alibek, Sakhy Nurbolat (dombra), Abenova Aida, Temirkhanova Ayazhan, Huang Azhar, Zhakypbai Mansiya (prima kobyz), Nurlan Alemgul (Kyyl kobyz), Sanabaeva Aruzhan, Bagdat Altynai (Sherter), Imasheva Akbota (Flute), Samigolla Bekzada (Zhetygen, kobyz), Anuar Akylbek (Bass Bayan), Abay Madiar (Bayan), Shukenov Temirlan (dombra, daulpaz), Rakhmet Kuanysh (percussion instruments).
The ensemble is the best creative collective that glorified the national heritage of Kazakh art and has its own place in the sphere of national music, enjoying great demand from the general public.