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Theatrical Ethics

Requirements of Theatrical Ethics:

Dear audience! 

  • We present to you the basic principles of etiquette and behavior in the Kazakh State Academic Musical Drama Theatre named after K.Kuanyshbayev:
  • Children can watch evening plays from the age of 7.
  • It is better to come to the theatre in fashionable clothes (it is not allowed to enter in sportswear). You should leave your outerwear, as well as excess items, in the wardrobe in the hallway.
  • It is necessary to enter the auditorium after a special bell. It is forbidden to enter the auditorium after the third bell rings.
  • Photo and video shooting in the theatre is completely prohibited. If you have a photo or video camera at hand, be prepared that the theatre employee will not let you into the Hall.
  • Flowers are not allowed in the auditoriumю However, if you take it off stage in advance, you can always please your favorite artist with a bouquet of flowers. An employee of the theatre can help to arrange this.
  • The theatre administration has the right to replace the announced play with another one. In this case, tickets can be returned to the ticket office before the start of the show. The transfer of an actor cannot be a reason for passing the ticket back.

 Sincerely Yours, Theatre administration