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Information about the poster:

Premiere took place: June 17-18-19, 2022
Director of Photography: Gulnaz Balpeisova

Production designer: Kanat Maksutov

Costume Designer: Alma Syrbaeva

Choreographer: Indira Imangazina

Composer: Oleg Sinkin

Music director: Maralzhan Myrzakulova

Actors: A.Oryntai, M.Namenov, J.Yerbolat, Sh.Ordabaev, O.Zhakypbek, A.Zhetpisbaeva, A.Nogerbek and other actors of the theater.

Short Abstract: The novelty of the production is to show the modern audience the beauty of the ancient legend of the Kazakh people. It is based on a folk poem about the inspiring power of love between Kodar and Bayan based on the work of Gabit Musrepov.

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Other poster information:

Laili-Majnun 15.02.2024
Sen magan kereksin 17.02.2024
Seken Sunkar 01.02.2024