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March 14 – “Kөpisu kүni – Amal holiday”

The decade of Nauryz meiramy celebration started in the country. In the framework of the concept “Nauryznama” Kөpisu kүni – Amal merkesi became the first day in the decade of celebration of Nauryz meirama in Kazakhstan.
Kөpisu – the forerunner of Nauryz, which opens the decade of the holiday. March 14 from ancient times was considered by Kazakhs the beginning of the new year. The holiday Kөpisu marks the end of a long and cold winter. On this day comes spring. Kazakhs begin a new year. After a harsh winter, people went around their fellow villagers. This holiday brings joy and love. People wish each other health and well-being and congratulate each other on the arrival of the new year.
In this regard, the hall of the theater was decorated with a bright poster with a new logo of Nauryz holiday, national items, traditional Kazakh ornaments, and we met the holiday on a new scale. We congratulated the arriving spectators on the beginning of Nauryz – Amal holiday, gave bright and spring joy.