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The events of the last century, inscribed in the history of the Kazakh people not by pen, but by blood, which received such names as “the last nomad”, “the way of mourning”, “the way of losses” for lack of dramaturgical material, namely plays, have long been waiting for their time on the theatrical stage. We took the responsibility to lift the curtain of history, behind which the whole nomadic way of our ancestors from Altai to Turkey, lasting more than 20 years …

In the process of staging the play “Nomads from Altai” it was as if we were inspired by an otherworldly force, supported by the spirit of our ancestors. The tragedy of those people is so inexpressible that it is even difficult to define the genre of this performance, and even more so to name their characters. To convey that historical truth to the audience in the language of art, in the language of theater is our main task. This performance is a tribute to memory, a stele of worship to those who died to preserve the freedom of the people and were deprived of a handful of native land.

Khalifa Altai: We felt that we would be looked upon as “traitors” and “fugitives”. And the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. But we did not leave our lands of our own free will, we had to save ourselves. And the farther we get away from our homeland, the more we cherish it. We were overcome with longing for our native land, which we did not have even a handful of. We kept the memory of our native land as a talisman. Fatherland, forgive us if we are guilty before you! But I believe that the pure truth will be revealed and our descendants will be convinced of our rightness.

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Laili-Majnun 15.02.2024
Sen magan kereksin 17.02.2024
Seken Sunkar 01.02.2024