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Information about the poster:

Director: Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Dauren Sergazin
Production designer: Kanat Maksutov

Costume Designer: Alma Syrbaeva

Acting cast of the performance: Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Altynai Nogerbek, winner of the Youth Union of Kazakhstan Botagoz Maksutova, winner of the State Youth Award “Daryn” RK Abilmansur Serikov, actor Kobylandy Bolat, actress Begimnur Kalila, Arai Omarova, laureates of the prize “Serper” of the Youth Union of Kazakhstan Olzhas Zhakypbek, Zhanat Ospanov, Akzhol Mamyr, Basil Sultangazy, Dinara Egubaeva.

Genre: melodrama

Duration: 120 min

Short Abstract: In the postnovel the main attention is paid to the feeling of love. Conflicting thoughts and misunderstanding of feelings, characteristic for urban and rural residents, became the reason of the main conflict. The attitude of the older generation and youth to the issue of love, family unity is deeply explored. Sensual dialogues of the characters, expressive acting and poignant lyrical melodies created a unique romantic atmosphere.

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Other poster information:

Laili-Majnun 15.02.2024
Sen magan kereksin 17.02.2024
Seken Sunkar 01.02.2024