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March 16 – day of Culture and national traditions

Today is the third day of the Nauryz decade!

The culture and national traditions of our people will be glorified in Nauryz meiramy. One of the main values of the Kazakh people is traditions and customs. These days, such rituals as “Suyinshi surau”, “Balaga at koyu”, “Besikke salu”, “Tusaukeser”, “Betashar” are promoted in memory of the country.

On March 16, on the Day of Culture and National Traditions, the ceremony “Tusau kesu” was held at the Kalibek Kuanyshbayev State Academic Kazakh Musical Drama Theater.

Tusau kesu is one of the oldest Kazakh traditions that has been preserved to this day. This is a tradition born of the desire that after the birth of a child, the first step towards life would be successful. Tusau kesu is a ritual that is done with good intentions for the successful life of a baby.

Today’s ceremony was organized with the aim of reviving our national values. Theater and film actor, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Syrym Kashkabayev cut the bonds of the child Kairat Alikhan, who performed rituals according to tradition and customs.

At the same time, Honored Workers of Kazakhstan B. Moldabaev, K. Kozhakhmetova, B. Isabekova gave bata and wished the child longevity, good luck and success.