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March 15 – “Kaiyrymdylyk kuni”

On March 15, Kazakhstanis celebrate “Kayyrymdylyk kuni”.
This day calls the friendly and united people of Kazakhstan to kindness and good neighborliness.
During the celebration of Nauryz it is very important to promote goodness, tolerance and unity. To appreciate everything that we have preserved and multiplied during the years of formation and independence of our country. Because in the culture of nomads mutual help, compassion and care were the mechanism of overcoming any difficulties and achieving the goal.
In honor of “Kaiyrymdylyk kүні” we invited our veterans to watch a special screening of the play “Saken-Sunkar”, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of Saken Seyfullin.
Charity is neither big nor small. And it does not matter if you have money in your pocket. This is the essence of the significant date, which we approved in honor of this remarkable property.