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Nauryznama – new format of Nauryz meirama celebration in Kazakhstan

The decade of Nauryz meiramy celebration has started in the country. It will last from March 14 to March 23. Each of the ten days will be dedicated to a certain theme and values reflecting the richness and diversity of Kazakhstan’s culture and society. “Nauryznama” is designed to cover all areas of society – from charity and cultural events to national traditions and environmental actions.

Under the concept of “Nauryznama” Kөpisu kүni – Amal merkesi became the first day in the decade of celebration of Nauryz meiramy in Kazakhstan.

Decade of Nauryznama:

March 14 – Kөrіsu kүni – Amal merkesi
March 15 – Kaiyrymdylyk kүni
March 16 – Madeniyet zheniyet zhane salt-dastur kүni
March 17 – Shanyrak day
March 18 – Ұlttyқ kiim kuni
March 19 – Zhaaru kuni
March 20 – Sports on March 20
March 21 – Yntymak kuni
March 22 – Zhyl bassy

The final day of Nauryz, a symbol of the meeting of the New Year, was announced March 23 – Tazaru kүні. On this day, a nationwide environmental action will be held in all regions of Kazakhstan.

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