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 On September 15 the State Academic Kazakh Musical Drama Theatre named after Kalibek Kuanyshbaev opened the XXXIII new theatrical season by tradition with the production “Abay”. 

The production of the director, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Alimbek Orazbekov in the genre of tragedy based on the work of M. Auezov tells about different periods of life of the great Kazakh poet and educator Abai Kunanbaev. The role of Abai is performed by People’s Artist of Kazakhstan Tlektes Meiramov and Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Nurken Oteulov. In total 65 actors are involved in the production. The artist-director – Kanat Maksutov. Choirmaster – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Amantai Zhumashev. 

At the beginning of the season the audience will be presented the premieres of the plays “Kyz Zhibek”, “Patsha kөңіlіm, do not act?!…”. The play “Kyz Zhibek” by J. Shaykhislamuly will be staged by the winner of international theater festivals, young director Alibek Omirbekuly, comedy by K. Zhienbai “Patsha kөңіlіm, do not act?!..” will be staged by the director, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Nurlan Zhumaniyazov.