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October 15 is the birthday of the director, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Zhakyp Omarovich

Today, October 15 – Birthday of the director, honored figure of Kazakhstan Zhakyp Omarovich, founder of the State Academic Kazakh Musical Drama Theater named after Kalibek Kuanyshbaev!

🎞 In 1990, director Zhakyp Omarov raised Shanyrak Kazakh theater in Tselinograd district – Akmola region, laying in the heart of the future new capital a peculiar kind of national dramatic art.

November 15, 1991 G. Musrepov’s tragedy “Akan Seri-Aktokty” staged by Zhakyp Omarovich opened the theatrical curtain.

The name of Zhakyp Omarovich, his work, together with the coveted theater of sacral shanyrak – Kalibek Kuanyshbaev, in which he will live forever!