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  • Genre: drama
  • Stage Director – Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan Alimbek Orazbekov
  • Set Designer – Yerlan Tuyakov
  • Choreographer – Saltanat Zholymbaeva
  • Art director of the theater – Honored Worker of Kazakhstan Kuandyk Kystykbay

The main character McMurphy is a freedom-loving, cheerful guy who wants something from the heart, likes to play cards, drink wine and walk. At the same time, there was kindness and justice in his heart. McMurphy, caught in a frenzy from prison, realizes that all power here is in the reins of the head nurse, Miss Ratched. He was squatting, standing on his haunches. Even the head physician himself, without looking up from what Miss Ratched has said, is following her instructions.

Although McMurphy knew that the people here were mentally ill, it was wrong to think of them as insane. He was fighting an uncompromising battle with Miss Ratched, who had established an iron order in the clinic and completely subdued the will of others. It really seemed anti-social, anti-systemic.

McMurphy's fighting worldview: "If you want to be a strong person, learn to see the funny side of everything." He also opened eyes to the true meaning of the phrase "To be mad is better to be a camel for one day than to languish for a hundred days in vain" to all those who suffered within the walls of that hospital. Although McMurphy was a victim along the way, his love of freedom changed the minds of others.